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Virginia Attorneys Help Clients Deal with Difficult Collections Issues

Experienced firm provides a practical approach to debt collection throughout Virginia

At HarrisLoftus, PLLC, our skilled legal professionals assist businesses throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia to recover debt and collect the payments they’re owed. Our firm has a reputation for success representing creditors statewide. We know it is more than frustrating when a customer fails to pay for goods and services you have already delivered; it presents a danger to your company’s ability to operate. It’s important to know your legal options when it comes to collection actions. We provide the wise counsel and strong representation you need when deciding on a course of action that offers the highest return for your efforts.

Skilled counselors provide assistance in dealing with unpaid loans and credit obligations

You or your business may have extended credit to a client for a variety of reasons, from promoting good customer relations to following current business practices in your industry. When loans go unpaid or when guarantees and promissory notes are ignored, however, you need to take action to recoup those funds. Having too many unpaid obligations can seriously undermine your business’s operations and could even force you to close your doors if debts pile up or go unaddressed. Our lawyers can help you investigate assets, locate debtors, and obtain judgments on a range of legal claims for monies your company is owed.

Experienced lawyers provide a sensible approach to landlord-tenant disputes

Collection actions can extend to tenants who do not pay their rent in a timely manner, whether the leases are for commercial or residential properties. When someone leaves a property without meeting the terms of the lease, you may assume that you have no recourse to recoup back payments, but that is not the case. Getting a money judgment for unpaid rent or property damage is almost always an option, even after the tenant vacates. We can help you get this process started, whether for a commercial property or an apartment, condo or co-op, and decrease the overall loss of getting rid of a bad tenant. We can also assist in seeking money for damages the tenant caused to your property during the lease term and the cost of repairs.

Skilled litigators assist with breach of contract actions

Many transactions that result in unpaid debt started with a contract. When the terms of that contract are breached, you have a right to seek redress. As a result, a breach of contract action is an essential first step in many collections disputes. We can help you assert your rights to damages under the contract in an effort to obtain a judgment. We can then take the process a step further and help you actually get the money you were awarded if the payment is not forthcoming.

Contact our experienced Virginia collections attorneys for a free consultation

If someone owes you or your business money, you may need to begin a collection action to get the payment you’re owed. HarrisLoftus, PLLC can help you get this process started. We offer a free consultation so you can meet our team in Manassas and walk through your options with an experienced professional. Call 703-361-5131 to schedule your consultation today or contact us online.

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