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Landlord-Tenant Law for Property Owners

Effective Virginia Landlord-Tenant Attorneys Represent Property Owners and Managers

Solving legal issues for those who own or manage rental units

As experienced landlord attorneys, our attorneys with HarrisLoftus create solutions for landlords. We strive to preserve the profits and equity of landlords who are working hard to operate a successful business. We have committed our substantial knowledge about Virginia residential and commercial law, contracts and property rights to helping clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia:

  • Draft residential and commercial rental leases
  • Resolve landlord-tenant disputes
  • Quickly evict tenants who fail to pay or otherwise violate the lease agreement
  • Collect from nonpaying tenants or former tenants
  • Defend against accusations of housing discrimination in state and federal court
  • Help landlords maintain the integrity and profitability of their properties

We are committed to helping you solve problems involving your tenants or your property.

Drafting solid leases for property owners

Landlords can avoid potential problems by having a well-drafted lease agreement with the most favorable terms permitted. We discuss the particulars of your property and its occupancy and construct clear, detailed leases that cover all aspects of your rental agreement. When you present a lease to a prospective tenant, you will feel confident that you are absolutely in compliance with Virginia law and that your rights are protected should a dispute arise.

Resolving an eviction crisis

Eviction is disruptive to both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord must spend the time and money to replace tenants who fall behind on rent, and displaced families must locate a new home under traumatic circumstances. With this scenario in mind, we strive to quickly resolve disputes in the landlord’s favor. If your tenants are engaged in disruptive, illegal or damaging behavior, we help you to protect your property and your business and we can collect from them after your property is returned to you.

Contact Virginia landlord attorneys who can quickly and professionally resolve your landlord-tenant issues

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